RPZ-Wilkins 975XL2-350-Watts-Febco- Double Check -RPZ-PVB-SVB -Watts 009-957-919-Febco 850-Texas-

Backflow Testing Proccess and Pricing

1/2"- 10" Backflow Devices- $100 for 1 device, $85 each on more than 1 device.

Water or Dirt/Debris Removal for backflow test $15

Trip fee for device not ready for test or further than 20 miles $25

Backflow repair for all devices $75 hr plus parts

- Backflow Test pricing above based on clean working environment within 20 miles of office

- Customer will be responsible for any city test form fees or BSI, Vepo LLC or SCTracking fees if required

 - Confined spaces or assemblies covered in mud or debris will add additional cost to test.